FoxyPreviewer is a free product, and I hope it will continue being that way.
Support for FoxyPreviewer is free as well, provided for free only in open forums. I need people to understand that my time is precious just like yours. There is no team working on it, just one single person. Being this way, this product needs the help of its users to keep being enhanced.

Please don't send private emails or private messages in forums asking for support.


1 - First of all, check the FAQS, in the main Documentation page.

2 - First, Update to the newest version, even if it is marked as "unstable", or for "tests" only. It is very common that I publish a new version with the needed fix.

3 - If your report has something strange in the "Preview window", please try again running that same report, without FoxyPreviewer, but using SET REPORTBEHAVIOR 90. It is known that there are some differences between the old REPORTBEHAVIOR 80 and 90. If the issue remains, that means that the issue is not comming from FoxyPreviewer. COnsider making some slight changes in your Report files (FRX), specially adjusting lines and shapes positions, and expanding some field widths.


The right place to look for support is at the following places:

#1 : ISSUE TRACKER section in FoxyPreviewer website
This is definitely the best place to post your questions. The Codeplex system is ideal for controlling the remaining issues, and concentrating all workitems in a single place is the best way for me to deal with. CodePlex has the option to show me only the remaining opened workitems, so this is the best way for not forgetting opened requests by mistake. And CodePlex allows you to upload files, images, etc.

Please understand that posting in open forums the support will be much faster. Apart from the developer of the tool, we have already a very big number of users, who can help you to get started, and provide the tips you need to implement the features you are looking for. Apart from that, posting in open forums will help us to have more information published, that will help other users with the same problems.

The following VFP forums are constantly visited, so feel free to post your questions or report issues at:
Foxite www.foxite.com/forum
Universal Thread www.universalthread.com
FoxBrasil www.vfpbrasil.com.br
Spanish speaking forum https://groups.google.com/group/publicesvfoxpro


Please understand that this is a free product, and the development and support are being provided during free times. So, the best you can do is to provide very accurate information.
If you are trying to explain a bug, please tell me the steps to reproduce the issue, preferrably using the samples provided by FoxyPreviewer.
Issues that are well explained and documented will always jump to the top of the list of the work items !!!
Issues that are difficult to reproduce, unfortunately, will be left aside, waiting for a good soul to document them with details, providing samples, and steps to reproduce.

Usually, I need to see the commands that you are using to call FoxyPreviewer. This will help me to uderstand which way you are using. We have currently 4 ways to use the tool (Simplified with Preview, OBJECT TYPE, Complete with Preview, Complete no preview), and it's essential to me to know this before I start working on it.

If you think that your issue is related to a specific report of yours, please don't hesitate to send it to me ! I need the FRX, FRT and the DBF that makes the report to run. Please make sure to remove any references to your forms or application. If the report needs uses some variables or external objects, please send me a PRG to create the needed environment. I truly need you to loose 10 minutes to prepare these files to me. That's the only way for me to get into your problem quickly. Remember that I will work on the topics that are easiest to reproduce !

gold.gif And a golden tip: IMAGES !!! I love images ! Please send me screenshots to better explain what you need. For example, if the output in PDF is not being rendered correctly, you can send me a screenshot of the correct preview and the problematic PDF.


When reporting a difficulty or bug, please don't just say "I have an error". Please provide as much details you can so I can reproduce it and help you to go ahead. In most cases, people provide almost no information, obliging people who are trying to help to answer with other questions, instead of providing suggestions.

Please don't send me HUGE projects ! Some people have already sent me their complete projects to show me the issues they were having. Please put yourself on my side, this obliges the person who is trying to help you to learn how to use your system, guess lots of things, before trying to figure what's happening ! I understand that sometimes, in some specific situations it would be nice to see the whole project to understand how things are being done, but before sending me your project, please remove from it all the unneeded items ! If the problem comes from a form, please keep only that form ! In the menu, keep only the problematic items ! If you use remote data, please remove it ! Try to send me the simplest project that you can, but still reproducing your issue, so that I can easilly understand what is going on.


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