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I can't see the whole report in preview's form


Hello, i'm new here, and my english is very basic, so i expect you excuse me.
Well, i'll try to explain what is my problem.

When generated a report, in the preview's form, can't see it complete. However, if convert it to PDF or print by the printer, it come out perfectly.
Whe you see in the preview, Fonts, look like too big.
I attach an image, where you can see what i'm saying, document's right side is out whit foxypreviewer, and with the original i can see the report OK.

Many thanks.

Windows Versión: Virtual machine Windows 10 Pro 32 bits
VFP Versión: 9.0 SP2

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cirollo wrote Mar 10 at 10:01 AM

I've the same problem? How did you solved????


JCarls wrote Mar 28 at 5:51 PM

On some systems, there is a problem with high-resolution screens and this may be that problem. Try opening the properties of the program icon and look under "Compatibility" for "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings. If you enable that property, it may fix the report output.