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FoxyPreviewer PDF with unreadable GR chrs


Hello Cesar,

If you have some time, please take a look at a very serious problem when saving a report to pdf with greek chrs (CP1253) (and may be for other langs)...

Just copy-paste somewhere the attached folder "" and run the project, from inside vfp.
Follow the orders at the "wait window" commands... It is self documented...

I used the last ver of foxypreviewer "v2.99z35 RC 2016.06.11" with lPdfReplaceFonts=.T. (in order to force it to use the internal "basic14" fonts of the libhpdf.dll, for code pages other than 1252, see the "correctionreplacefonts.txt") and .cLanguage="GREEK".

See the attached file:"PDFwithreplaceFonts.jpg".

ALL the Greek chrs (CP1253) looks OK, but almost unreadable (one chr is over the other)!!!
A very serious problem for the very common Arial and Times fonts.
The Tahoma fonts are OK, but without inclination.
For Courier fonts almost no Greek chrs.

In preview window the foxypreviewer displays everything OK! See the "FoxypreviwerOK.jpg" file.

Trying with lPdfReplaceFonts=.F. and lPDFEmbendFonts=.T., then 3 Greek letters disappeared! The 4th capital letter 'Δ' (DELTA), last capital letter 'Ω' (OMEGA) and the 12th small letter 'µ' (ME).
See the attached file:"PDFwithEmbedwithoutreplaceFonts.jpg".
A very serious problem for Courier and the very common Arial and Times fonts.
From Tahoma bold fonts the last capital letter 'Ω' (OMEGA) is missing also and again without inclination.

It is a must for me to embed the fonts into pdf, in order to be readable the GR chrs from tablets and Android phones...

If I use a 3rd party "pdf printer" everything are OK!

I tried for many days, to find out the origin of the problem, digging into pdflistener class, but no luck...
Is it an internal problem of the libhpdf.dll?
Is it a calling problem to the libhpdf.dll functions?

The best solution (for my opinion) it would be to find a way, to enlange the space between the greek chrs into pdf, using the basic14 fonts into dll...
But I do not know how to do it!...

I will appreciate any idea, from where to start, trying to fix the problem.

Also I noticed that the last ver of libharu is 2.3.0, but the foxypreviewer uses the very old ver!!
I downloaded the ver 2.3.0 but I have no way to compile it, in order to create the new libhpdf.dll.

Have fun,
Nick Porfyris

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