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lOpenViewer not working in code call


I'm having a problem with getting FoxyPreviewer to call the default PDF reader after creating a PDF file and thought that perhaps someone here may have seen this, too.

The problem does not occur when I use the "Save" option in the previewer itself, only when I create a PDF directly by setting the OBJECT TYPE in a REPORT FORM command. The print command works, creating the PDF file with the name I have supplied, but does not call the PDF reader as it does when I use the "Save" command on the toolbar.

Just after initially calling FoxyPreviewer near the beginning of the EXE execution, I include this line:

_screen.oFoxyPreviewer.lOpenViewer = .t.

However I'm wondering if I need to do something different when using REPORT FORM. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!